Darkness is never absolute tears
Unlike wars without fear
You’re running like you’re oh so shy
Feels like there’s more to life than this
I don’t like anything I see
I don’t, I don’t like nothing at all


Cease like rain, I didn’t know what to do
You were the same old shame
You’re running like you’re oh so shy
I didn’t see you come
I didn’t know what to say
But I will fix you up
I don’t need nothing at all


Kill the pain, I can’t tell you what to do
We’re all running from the same things
And no one looks the same
Don’t make me feel this way
To feel no pain
But I feel like falling down again, down again
I do


I say to the world to leave it alone
And hell to the ones who sit on their thrones
Who tell everyone to gather their guns and fear
Do you really want to let them control you?


And damn to the hands who leave us alone
So long as they can’t get a taste of what love is
Say what you mean, and mean what you say
It always wins
All I’m really trying to do is tell you