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Future Souls (2014)


Recorded at: Henson Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA and Deep Valley Sound  

Produced by: Camila Grey & Leisha Hailey 

Engineered by: Jaime Sickora

Mixed by: Jaime Sickora, Paul LaMalfa and Jeff Rothschild 

Mastered by: John Gilbertson

Studio Asst. to Jaime Sickora: Joshua Simmons & Derrick Stockwell

Album Artwork by: Xavier Schipani 

Digital artwork design:  Allyce Engelson

Vocals: Camila Grey and Leisha Hailey

Bass: Camila Grey

Guitars: Camila Grey & Tommy Joe Ratliff on “Nuthin Without Your Love” 

Drum/synth programming: Camila Grey & Leisha Hailey

Live Drums: Josh Kane

All songs published by: Antipop Music/ASCAP and New Big Year Publishing/BMI, EXCEPT:

“Shiiine” published by: Antipop Music/ASCAP, New Big Year Publishing/BMI and Mr. JDS Music/ASCAP

“Nuthin Without Your Love” published by: Antipop Music/ASCAP, New Big Year Publishing/BMI, Ethan and Kaya Music/BMI and Primary Wave Brian/BMI

 “It’s Chemical” published by Antipop Music/ASCAP, New Big Year Publishing/BMI and 808 Playtime

All songs © 2014 PLAID RECORDS

UHH would like to thank: Our families, Henson Recording Studios, Jaime Sickora, Faryal Russell, Paul Lamalfa, Jeff Rothschild, John Gilbertson, Sofia Santos, Xavier Schipani, Allyce Engelson, Jeff Van Zandt & Fender Guitars, Libby Coffey and MSO PR, Larry Webman and Paradigm Agency, Doug Smith and Coda Agency, Che Pope, Jonathan Bates, DJ Kim Anh, Pip Brown, The sister wives,  Tommy Joe Ratliff,  Erika Records, Kerri “guru” Borsuk, Josh Boardman, Zoo, Oso and Henry for countless hours of listening to the same tracks over and over.  Most of all we wish to thank our fans all over the world without whom this would not be possible. Love to you all! Leisha and Cam

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